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Hi. My name is Heather. I live in Ohio born and breed. I have green eyes and shoulder-length, golden-brown hair.
I'm a devout, born-again Christian and I attend Pataskala Grace Brethren Church. I'm in the choir and I frequently help with the kids in junior church. I have a progressive, neurological disease called Dystonia and am wheelchair bound. Please ignore this fact, and look at my heart instead. That's where the love of swimming comes. It's the only exercise I can get. My disease is not fun, but it's who God wants me to be, and His will is perfect. I've had numerous surgeries, and three of them have shown God's miraculous hand at work.
I would love to marry a Godly man sometime in the near future, if it's in God's plan. I definitely want kids. I know that I'll be a faithful Godly wife to that special man God has in mind for me as well as a Christly influential mother.
I have two instant messengers; MSN: screen name – disneyprincess1982@hotmail.com, and Yahoo!: screen name: DisneyPrincess1982 or you can just e-mail me at heather.hofmann@juno.com - either way, you can get a hold of me - and I give you full permission to add yourself to either my MSN or Yahoo! Messengers. But, I’d appreciate if you would ask me before you either add or e-mail me. Thanks for your understanding!
Anything else you'd like to know, you can ask me. My life is an open book.